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Please do not underestimate how incredibly complex Google Ads actually is


Hello, thank you for visiting Cambridge Xyz. You’re probably here because you want to advertise online, or have a Google Ads or Microsoft (Bing) Ads account that needs to significantly improve to meet your business goals. We’re here to help. If you have any questions at any point, please use our contact options or live chat facility.


Google Ads is one of the most powerful customer acquisition and retention channels available to businesses today and it is at the heart of many digital marketing strategies that successfully attract new customers online. However, Google Ads is an incredibly complex ad platform that is all too often underestimated and poorly understood by many businesses, in-house marketeers, and generalist marketing agencies. We regularly review Google Ads accounts that have been passed to us. Accounts that were poorly set up, poorly managed, and that ultimately underperformed. We know it simply isn’t enough to have ‘Google ads turned on’ or to assume it has been implemented or optimised to give your business the best chance of meeting its goals and objectives. It is our belief that Google Ads demands not only expert knowledge of the platform itself and its many complex settings, but also a deep understanding of several interdependent influencing factors which include: logic, customer needs, translation of business value propositions, user behavioural journey, market forces, and the development of tactical and strategic business strategy alignment.


At Cambridge Xyz we are incredibly serious about Google Ads. Our entire business and resources are focused on understanding and managing the many account complexities that can arise. Our aim is to improve every single account we are given. The results we have achieved for our clients demonstrate this. To date, we have successfully managed millions of pounds for companies worldwide and have been instrumental in helping numerous businesses grow significantly. Success is no accident – we pride ourselves on being incredibly knowledgeable about this discipline, whilst also being approachable, friendly and professional. We work with a wide range of clients across many sectors including: sole traders and SME’s with small £150 budgets, larger national PLCs with multi million pound budgets, international high street brands, and world class university institutions.


Please tell us your pain points, the problems you want fixed, or what you want to achieve with your Google or Microsoft ads account. We have an outstanding record in making things possible and we will focus on the metrics that matter to your business. Whether that’s increased sales, reduced CPAs or improved ROI, we will try to find solutions that achieve your marketing goals.

If you like what you’ve read or have any questions, please enter your details below for a free informal call back to discuss how we can potentially help.

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What best describes your current Google Ads account?

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Sample Of Our Results

We pride ourself on improving account performance, focusing on the metrics that actually matter the most.

Increased YOY Conversions

For many clients (where appropriate) we are challenged with improving year on year conversions vs what their previous supplier delivered. We have an excellent track record thus far.

Increased Leads by 68%

Many of our clients have seen significant increases in leads per month after we took management of their account. This can often generate greater ROI to be re-invested back into scaling up an account.

£2.4m Increased Revenue YOY

For one major client we increased revenue from Google Ads performance by over £2m in just one year (Same budget). This was a total account overhaul and focusing the entire strategy to deliver what mattered.

Improved Quality Scores +45%

We have a proven track record in improving Quality Scores which can help you to pay less per click. This can often lead to a competitive advantage between you and your competitors.

Reduced CPA by 59%

Clients have often asked us to help reduce their Cost per acquisition where possible. There are multiple approaches to this and by using our mathematical techniques, we have often been able to achieve this objective successfully and optimally.

Increased SME Sales by £6k P/Month

For many SME’s we are challenged with an account strategy to deliver an increase in sales and also sales volume consistency. We will do our best to find a way for your business.

Campaign Options And Tools

We can implement a mix of campaigns for your business, supported by measurement and optimisation tools.


Search presents an opportunity to target specific keywords most relevant to your business. We connect customer intent with highly successful and often scalable, pay per click campaigns that target audiences at multiple touch points in the customer journey.


Remarketing can be a seriously powerful acquisition and retention strategy. Successful RM strategies help businesses reconnect with potential customers by showing relevant ads and messages, across multiple touch points along the buying funnel and customer journey.


Mobile is presenting businesses with incredible customer acquisition opportunities 24/7/365. Do you get the most from your mobile strategies? Understanding complex mobile behaviour can often be the difference between browsers and buyers in high performing PPC campaigns.


If you’re in retail, we can utilise Shopping campaigns to promote your inventory to potential customers. Shopping ads often provide users a strong sense of the product that you’re selling before they click the ad, which can often give you more qualified leads and paying customers.

Data Reporting

Data Studio is a reporting solution for advanced users who want to go beyond the dashboard solutions available in Google Analytics. Data Studio dashboards are notable for their customisation elements, live data, variety and its interactive controls.

Video Ads

People often buy into brands because of the why, not because of the what! With careful analysis and segmentation of  a customer’s journey and touch points, we connect the right audiences, at the right times, with the right messages that communicate your brands core value propositions.

Tagging and Tracking

Google Tag Manager is a free solution that allows the management of tags and tracking pixels on a website or Mobile app. Google Tag Manager allows the deployment of marketing tags without having the need to modify the code via constant developer requests.


Google Analytics allows you to measure advertising ROI and track user behaviour on your website. Data can be scrutinised to better understand potential customer behaviour, and reveal actionable insights. A very powerful tool when deeply understood and fully utilised.

Optimisation Tools

Google Optimize allows marketers to test variations of web pages to see how they perform against each other. Optimize monitors the performance of the experiments and provides data on which variant performs better. A very useful tool for conversion rate optimisation.

The Google Partners specialist challenge certificate was completed by our Founder James Edward Goode.

Official Google Ads Community Badges

Proud to be a contributor and recognised problem solver in the official Google Advertiser community (2015-2019).

Google Ads Help

We have complied some quick insights for consideration that help drive better results. Please feel free to contact us to discuss these in more detail.

A Master Plan

A master plan serves as a blueprint. We strongly recommend that the master plan of a PPC account is directly aligned and supportive of  your core businesses goals and strategic vision. Please share with us what strategic objectives your business is aiming for and we will help ensure your PPC account is working towards them.

Account Strategy

We have seen many accounts that lack a fundamental strategy. Is your fundamental strategy giving you the best possible chance of customer acquisition, profitability and business growth? A PPC account must demonstrate sound commercial acumen – something which surprisingly, seems amiss in many accounts we review.

Account Architecture

Many Google accounts that we review are poorly set up and are subsequently destined to fail or underachieve from the beginning. Understanding the complex relationships between the layers of an account helps organise the intricate campaigns, ad groups, keywords and ads that target the right audiences that work to achieve your business goals.

Search Theory

Understanding beyond the basic theory of search allows different types of searchers to be segmented: informational, directional, transactional. By taking time to better understand the frictions that exist between three parties 1) A user searching for a solution or answer to their problem and 2) the search engine, and 3) the searcher, we are able to formulate appropriate account taxonomies.

Keyword Research

There is an interesting philosophy within cognitive science worth noting when assessing the communication between a human and a search engine: thinking without words. By taking time to understand such non-linguistic thoughts, we are able to better understand the thought process and translate them into a string of words, alongside and beyond  traditional keyword planning tools.

Quality Scores

Improving Quality Scores (QS) can be a lucrative strategy if the account conditions are right. QS is an estimate of how relevant your ads, keywords, and landing pages are to a person who sees your ad. Higher QS typically means lower cost per clicks and higher ad positions. We understand how to improve QS by utilising our in-depth knowledge of the top factors that make up a QS rating.

Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking codes and tags supplied by Google can be implemented on your website to track behaviour on site – such as purchases or lead generation forms. When a customer completes an action that you’ve defined as valuable, these customer actions are called conversions, goals, or micro conversions. This allows measurement analysis of your marketing spend and ROI.


Understanding attribution modelling can be a significant advantage within an account. Attribution models can deepen an understanding of how ads perform which can help optimise a user’s conversion journey. Understanding attribution modelling allows comparisons in how much credit each click gets for a conversion, which can attribute credit to the customer’s first click, last click, or a combination of multiple clicks.

Ad Strategy

Building an ad strategy can be a complex yet incredibly important ingredient to the success of the account. What, where, how, when and why you want to communicate your unique messages to your audience can have a direct impact on your account and business performance. Many accounts we are asked to assess appear to think statically and not dynamically or proactively with their ad messages.

Landing Page CRO

We are big believers in conversion rate optimisation (CRO). We have seen some phenomenal improvements in results when CRO efforts are in place. CRO offers one of the most effective and fastest methodologies for translating existing web traffic into paying customers. CRO can often involve numerous tools and strategies applied to help deliver an increase in conversion probability.

User Journey - UX

Utilising Google analytics and other analytics solutions can reveal important information in how a potential customer on your site reaches (or does not reach) their goals. User journeys can be analysed to identify the different ways to enable the user to achieve their goal as quickly and easily as possible. There are some excellent tools on the marketplace to help perfect that all important user journey.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is an incredibly hot topic within PPC. Our belief and experience is that when AI is understood and used properly, it can be extremely powerful and help advertisers and ads accounts generate more leads and sales. At Cambridge Xyz we have access to multiple AI resources in Cambridge, Austria, Germany and Romania who assist AI within accounts where necessary and advantageously.

Business Factors

For a business to be successful in a market, it is often necessary to fully explore and understand what factors will exert an impact on the development of that company and its products or services. There are a range of tools available that can help examine the internal and external factors, such as Porters 5 forces analysis or Blank’s Business Model Canvass. These simple but powerful tools help understand the competitiveness of your business environment, and also for identifying your strategy’s potential profitability.

Experiments A/B

Drafts and experiments allow A/B testing via a control group vs test group changes to Search and Display Network campaigns. Experiments help measure results to understand the impact of changes in a less risky manor. This can often produce interesting sets of results for interpretation and can provide short term actionable insights. Often, even with the best theoretical forecasting or trend modelling isn’t quite as good as real hard data. We see many positive outcomes from the impact of AB experiments.

Strategic PPC

One extremely advantageous use of Google and Microsoft ppc advertising investments could be to help meet a strategic goal. Do you want to assess a potential market before entering? Do you want to build up a user base in advance of your product launch? Or, perhaps you want to block or make it ‘difficult’ for a competitor to compete in certain auctions hampering their growth and protecting your space? We have experience in very successful and complex strategic ppc so please discuss with us some more.

Our Flexible Services

We offer a range of flexible services to suit your business needs. All services +vat. Note – we are confident in our services so do not tie you into contracts.


Google Ads Account Review - Confidential
Free /Once
Are you honestly getting the most from your ppc spend? Need a second opinion by account management experts? We will happily give you a completely confidential opinion no strings attached.
Fix A Problem / Support
£120 /Hour
Do you have a problem that needs fixing? This is a similar to our pay as you go per 20 min service, but a full one hour service for multiple tasks to be solved and your account issues fixed.
Ongoing Account Angel Service
£150 /Total Per Month
Do you manage your ppc account 'in house' but need some guidance and hand holding? Our 'angel support service' includes daily checks and a monthly call. Allowing you to focus on running your business.
Tailored Staff Training - 1 on 1
£499 /Half Day
Do you manage Google Ads in house (or want to), or a new person is starting? Do you want to improve their PPC skills? We provide expert training tailored to your account, designed to help hit the ground running.
Account Management (£2-10k P/Month)
20% /Month
Do you want to improve and grow your Google Ads performance and ROI? If you are spending up to around £10k per month, our transitional growth package will aim to improve your results.
Account Build - Reconstruction
£1250 - £5000
Is your account architecture built on best practices to achieve your goals? This is often overlooked, yet essential in ppc success. We craft your account and handover for your team to do the day-to-day management.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) Intergration
From £349
Do you have Google API requests or a tailored project that needs assistance or AI integration? We have Google API and AI capabilities from concept to completion. Please get in touch to discuss your needs / ideas.
20 Mins Free Troubleshooting
Free /Once
Do you need confidential help? Try our complimentary free service to help you. Why do we offer this? It gives us a chance to showcase our expertise and we hope you may consider our services in future.
One to One Video Troubleshooting
£120 /Hour
Do you need some guidance to learn, troubleshoot and fix identified problems. We can offer a screen-share and video conference where we walk through your account and issues in real time.


Local PPC Test Campaign
£199 /Total Per Month
Do you want a local, or small scale test campaign on Google Ads? This service is suited for start-ups or local businesses to establish an online presence. The cost is £199 total per month, including Ad spend & our fees.


Google Analytics Insights Day
£499 /Half Day
Get a better understanding of how your website performs in a day packed full of informal insights. We present data from your Google Analytics for thought provoking discussion and potential recommendations.
Account Management (£10- 20k P/Month)
15% /Month
Looking to scale up and grow your Google Ads performance and account? If you are spending up to around £20k per month, our intermediate growth package will aim to improve your results.

Power Users

Temporary Account Cover
From £500 /Month
In-between Account Managers or waiting for a new person to start? We have managed many accounts on interim. We manage absolutely everything allowing your focus on the day to day running of the business.
Graphic Design Creation
From £99
Do you need creatives that work? We utilise the latest design technology and conceptual thinking. We have an in house design team for all your Display, Remarketing and Youtube campaigns. Stand out and be different.
Fix A Problem / PAYG Support
£60 /20 Min
Do you have a quick problem that needs fixing? Tasks to do but no time? Our pay as you go 20 minute service is ideal for you. Utilise this or our hourly service to fix your account issues quickly.
Discuss Your Ideas / Digital Suitability
£120 /Hour
Do you have a feeling you want to advertise online via Google Ads, but want to speak and discuss ideas before committing. We can discuss your business, its suitability, competition, and test ideas.
SME PPC Test Campaign
Up To £2,000
Do you want a small scale national / regional PPC test? This service is for start-ups or SME's to establish an online presence. You decide budget up to £2000 total per month, including Ad spend and our fees.
Find Out More - Ideas Day
£499 /Half Day
Want to improve your digital strategy on Google but unsure where to start, or how? We present how Google Ads works and discuss potential opportunities for your business alongside your current marketing mix.
Account management (£20-50k P/Month)
10% /Month
Looking to maximise ROI, efficiencies and performance on your monthly results? Our advanced growth package will aim to improve your results significantly and scale up your Google Ads account.
Account Management (£50k+ Per Month)
Negotiable /Month
This is where we thrive. Tell us what you want to achieve and we will try everything in our capabilities to achieve it. Share with us your spend per month and objectives and we will take complete care of everything.
Outsourcing - Agency White Label
Are you a design agency, consultancy, or marketing agency that could offer complementary PPC services? We white label for many organisations taking care of the entire process - we can be client facing or in confidence.

Brands Who Trust Cambridge Xyz

We have successfully worked with a wealth of companies who trust and many more which are privacy protected by NDA.

The Cambridge Xyz Team

 The wonderful and friendly people who help to deliver success at Cambridge Xyz

James, Founder

Hi, I’m James. I love solving complex problems and this is at the heart of Cambridge Xyz’s culture – Our clear aim is to improve each and every account and clients business we are trusted with. I am a graduate from the University of Cambridge and also an award winning masters graduate from Staffordshire University. Alongside Cambridge Xyz, I also work for The University of Cambridge as a Google Ads Analyst and Strategist.

“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts” – Richard Feynman, 1973.

Fritz, CRO, GA, GTM

Hi, I’m Fritz. I focus on Google analytics, conversion rate optimisation techniques and tests, and Google Tag manager to help increase conversions.

Scrutinising data from within your Google analytics account can help determine conversion rate optimisation tests and subsequently improvements

Marc, IP / TM Lawyer

Hello, Bonjour. I am Marc and I help assist companies with TM requests with Google. Formerly of the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

We can assist trademark owners who are concerned about trademark use in Google Ads to submit a complaint and resolve the situation.

Victor, Artificial Intelligence

Salut. Hi! Im Victor and I am an Oracle Certified Java Professional Programmer. I hold a masters in artificial intelligence from University of Bucharest and also a bachelor in Philosophy (Moral problems of artificial intelligence). I particularly enjoy creating and implementing solutions that help deliver positive performance via Google Ads scripts. This provides a powerful way to programmatically control Google Ads data using JavaScript.

There are some significant AI developments provided by Google that can work towards reaching your goals effectively. Many accounts can benefit with some form of AI integration. Our belief is human input plus machine learning is a powerful combination.

Belinda, Google Marketing Solutions

Hey. I work for Google (Marketing Solutions) and I support Cambridge Xyz with best practices, industry insight and account improvements.

Always consider Googles full range of tools available to help; go beyond standard requirements to maximise your account probability.

Sam, Google Grants Help

Hello, I’m Sam and I help Cambridge Xyz and charities with Google Grants applications and support you through the entire process.

Are you a charity? We love helping charities apply for the Google grants programme and manage your account strategy to drive success.

Matthews, Data Analyst

Hello. I am Matthews. Part mathematician, part data scientist and part trend-spotter, I work on optimising accounts with a clear objective of improving them significantly. I am a graduate from University in India and I enjoy the challenge of scaling and improving an account, looking to create or discover tactical opportunities. I am a gaming enthusiast and particularly enjoy strategy based gaming.

I recommend testing attribution models and seek comparisons. This data can help shape effective decision making and present vastly different perspectives. In a multiple touch point world, there are often contrasting and opportunistic models in play.

EmBe, Designer

Hey, I’m Embe. I am a technical graphician and coder, working on smart campaigns including Youtube, Remarketing and Display Networks.

Utilise remarketing campaigns with clever thinking. It’s incredible the difference in performance when aligned with customer journey modelling.

Ada, MySQL

Hey, I am Ada and I assist with helping clients with large database management queries through Structured Query Language, MySQL.

Integrating Google Ads and MySQL allows an easy to perform in-depth analysis to turn your data into actionable insights.

Meet With Us In Person – Cambridge, Birmingham, Worldwide

We will be happy to host you in either Cambridge, Birmingham, or we can meet you anywhere in the UK. We also travel worldwide to meet clients. If you are visiting Cambridge, our flexible office is 1 min walk from Cambridge train station at the CB1 business centre where. If visiting Birmingham, we are 20 mins from the city centre in Stourbridge’s Business Quarter.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We pride ourself not only on aiming to deliver excellent results for clients, but also being a kind, good, and responsible bunch of people.  In the words from Amelia Earhart“A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.” From sponsoring events, teams, planting trees, to helping charities for free, we hope we are doing our bit to make the place a better world.

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