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Our Expertise

We are an approved and trusted partner of The University of Cambridge for Google Ads

About Cambridge Xyz

Cambridge Xyz has been instrumental in helping numerous businesses grow significantly.

Companies that we work with understand how incredibly complex Google Ads is. They want to unlock the significant opportunities that Google presents in driving competitive advantages, gaining new customers, sustaining or increasing market share and ultimately, delivering positive ROI. To date, we have successfully managed millions of pounds for business of all sizes from sole traders and SME’s, to internationally recognised brands and world class institutions.

We are approachable, friendly, professional and perhaps most importantly, extremely hard working. We genuinely love what we do and our aim is to build a world-class company in our chosen field. We therefore do not offer any other services other than Google products which directly benefit Google Ads and Microsoft Ads.

Best-In-Class Approach

Make no mistake, Google Ads is an incredibly complex platform and is sadly ill understood and significantly underestimated by many generalist marketing agencies and in-house marketers. Specialists exist in law, health, medicine, finance, so why not in digital marketing?  We hold Google Ads strategy and management in the same esteem as studying for a PhD to find answers to even the most complex problems in business and we truly respect this digital marketing channel.

Virtually all of our esteemed partners come to Cambridge Xyz as they want more from their Google Ads and Analytics strategy. Usually their generalist agency offer many services in many digital platforms and channels, but specialise in none which usually delivers restricted results. Our partners want to take it to the next level, drive better performance, and transform the results that matter which is usually sales, leads, roi. This is why we exist – to outperform other agencies and transform your performance.

By dedicating our organisation with a mission of being best-in-class, our entire organisation understands its mission and purpose and is relentless in its pursuit. We want to win for you.

We are different to the majority of generalist agencies and proudly so.

Brands who trust us


Sample Of Our Results

Increased YOY Conversions

For many clients (where appropriate) we are challenged with improving year on year conversions vs what their previous supplier delivered. We have an excellent track record thus far.

Increased Leads by 68%

Many of our clients have seen significant increases in leads per month after we took management of their account. This can often generate greater ROI to be re-invested back into scaling up an account.

£2.4m Increased Revenue YOY

For one major client we increased revenue from Google Ads performance by over £2m in just one year (Same budget). This was a total account overhaul and focusing the entire strategy to deliver what mattered.

Improved Quality Scores +45%

We have a proven track record in improving Quality Scores which can help you to pay less per click. This can often lead to a competitive advantage between you and your competitors.

Reduced CPA by 59%

Clients have often asked us to help reduce their Cost per acquisition where possible. There are multiple approaches to this and by using our mathematical techniques, we have often been able to achieve this objective successfully and optimally.

Assisted Conversions

For many accounts we are challenged with an objective to help influence customers and deliver an increase in sales and also sales volume consistency. We will do our best to find a way for your business.


Google Ads Tests

All services +vat. Note – we are confident in our services so do not tie you into contracts.

Start-Up / Solopreneur
£300 /Month
Are you a one-man/woman business, consultant, or tradesperson who wants to drive leads or new business on Google. Have you recently launched a business idea or website and want to advertise? This is usually a successful option to start building traction online for your business to build up customers whilst dipping your feet in the water in a gentle way.
New Customer / Account Test
£1000 /Month
New to Google Ads or want to try a new supplier? Try our SME test spends of £1000 total (including spend to google and management fees). Let's build tests to improve your leads, new customers and increase your business performance. No contracts, cancel at any time. This is recommended for an initial 3 months while we learn from the data and test significantly.
Google Ads Discovery Session
£100 /Call
Do you want to learn about how Google Ads may work for your business with some real-life examples of what people are looking for on Google and our demand assessment? Would you like our expert opinion on how you might test Google Ads for your business but aren't sure where to start? Book a discovery call with our team of Google Ads experts.
From £600 /Month
We can test Google Ads for your business using our introductory tests. The objective is clear - to try and get you more business/leads/sales. This is a suitable entry point for start-ups or SME's wanting to dip their toe in the water and really improve their results from their Google Ads accounts or to try Google Ads to gain more customers for the first time.
Scale Account
From £1200 /Month
The objective is extremely clear - to try and get you more business/leads/sales. This is suitable for SME's who have an established business and have an existing Google Ads account but want to increase focus and scale up significantly on their current performance. You focus on what you do best; your business. We send the leads/sales.
Large Ads Accounts
Contact /Quote
This is where we excel - we manage your Google ads account and strategy using our expertise and desire to win. Suitable for all budgets up to £1-2 million per month. We aim to beat your incumbent supplier - significantly. Tell us what you need to achieve, we will try to find a way and excel for your business, the Cambridge way.


All services +vat. Note – we are confident in our services so do not tie you into contracts.

Account Review - How are you REALLY doing?
From £575 /Per Review
Do you want a confidential review, discuss an existing account, need a specific investigation, or simply want an in-depth highly informative and deep Q&A in how to use Google Ads to improve your acquisition strategy? We have an outstanding record in excelling for businesses - we'd love to speak to you and learn about your challenges.
Task Based (Analytics, GTM, Optimize, Data Studio)
From £575 /Each
Do you have a task or project you would like implementing or focusing on? For example, improve conversion rates of a landing page(s)? Need to implement Google Analytics 4? Need to vastly improve your reporting capabilities via Data studio? Need display network / Youtube videos? Or need some custom AI? Please contact us.
Bespoke unique requirements / Flexible Needs?
POA /Per Month
Do you have a project or assistance you want to discuss with us that involves Google products to improve your Google Ads account strategies and ROI? Do you need us to train and develop your team so they can excel? Assess your current Google account? Or, speak at a company board / department meeting? Please get in touch

The Cambridge Xyz Team

 The wonderful and friendly people who help to deliver success at Cambridge Xyz

James, Founder

Hi, I’m James. I love solving complex problems and this is at the heart of Cambridge Xyz’s culture. A graduate from the University of Cambridge and also an award-winning masters graduate from Staffordshire University, awarded for submitting one of the highest ever graded masters theses in their history. I love learning and am currently studying artificial intelligence and machine learning online at University of Berkeley, California. I also work for The University of Cambridge as an expert in Google Ads and Google Analytics. I really, really love what I do and we try our absolute best for companies who partner with Cambridge Xyz.

“You can know the name of a bird in all the languages of the world, but when you’re finished, you’ll know absolutely nothing whatever about the bird… So let’s look at the bird and see what it’s doing — that’s what counts” – Richard Feynman, 1973.

Fritz, Google Optimize - Conversion Rate Optimisation

Hi, I’m Fritz, I focus heavily on conversion rate optimisation techniques. We scrutinise data and test hypotheses on our partners websites to increase conversion rates and ultimately, ROI. Utilising the power of Google Analytics, Optimize, Tag manager and other tools, we pride ourselves on significantly uplifting conversion rates.

Successful minds tend to ask better questions, and as a result, they tend to get better answers. The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight. The average shopping cart abandonment rate is 67% (causing millions in lost sales). CRO is essential.

Marc, Lawyer: intellectual property & Trademarks

Hello, Bonjour. I am Marc and I help assist companies with TM requests with Google. Formerly of the World Intellectual Property Organisation.

We can assist trademark owners who are concerned about trademark use in Google Ads to submit a complaint and resolve the situation.

Liam, Internship

Hello, I’m Liam and I am currently on an internship with Cambridge Xyz. I am a conscientious and professional individual with extensive experience dealing with computersI am currently studying computer science so that I can extend my knowledge of how a computer works to become a software engineer. 

I will be helping Cambridge Xyz partners with special projects.

Daniella Cambridge Xyz

Daniella, Head of Performance

Hello. I am Daniella. I specialise in Google Search Accounts. My principal aim is to give your company the best possible chance of driving leads, sales, or conversions through an account strategy and a set of tactical implementations that are built to deliver. I am passionate about finding the competitive edge and analysing data that will allow improvements and scale. I take absolute pride in delivering above and beyond, particularly when a new account is trusted to us. I enjoy the challenge of building accounts and taking the time to study your business to set the account up for future success. I pride myself on outstanding results.

I recommend testing attribution models and seek comparisons. This data can help shape effective decision making and present vastly different perspectives. In a multiple touch point world, there are often contrasting and opportunistic models in play.

Mr Wigglesworth, PPC & Math Optimisation

Hi there. I specialise in studying and analysing Google Ads accounts to find the optimisations that lead to competitive advantages. With a background in finance, investment and risk from The London Institute of Banking and Finance, I analyse accounts with a fine-tooth comb combined with laser focus attention to detail.

Mathematics is the music of reason. Mathematics is not about numbers, equations, computations, or algorithms: it is about understanding. Sometimes, this consists of proving the most obvious thing in the least obvious way.

Sam, Help set up charities google Grants ($10k free per month)

Hello, I’m Sam and I help Cambridge Xyz and charities with Google Grants applications and support you through the entire process.

Are you a charity? We love helping charities apply for the Google grants programme and manage your account strategy to drive success.

Carmen, Google Ads & Analytics

Hello! I am Carmen.
I have a background in business management at the University of Sheffield and over two years of work experience in digital marketing. Here at Xyz, I manage and optimise Google Ads accounts. My main focus is to help businesses accomplish their goals and ultimately improve their bottom line by leveraging the power of Google Search Ads

I will be helping Cambridge Xyz partners with special projects.

Shalini, Google Shopping

नमस्ते. Hello, I am Shalini. I am a Xoogler (ex Google) specialising in advanced Google shopping and Google merchant centre set ups, feed optimisations and Google shopping growth strategies. Google shopping allows companies to showcase their product inventory, reaching thousands of potential purchase intent driven customers which can often supercharge sales and business growth. However, it is also a complex platform that demands specialist attention, focus, knowledge and continuous optimisations to realise its full potential. We will be your secret weapon in this complex e-commerce battlefield.

Take advantage of FREE clicks from Google. The Google Merchant Centre allows a company to list its products for free on Google properties, including Google Search, the Shopping tab and Google Images. This can provide an additional revenue stream for FREE.

Victor, Artificial Intelligence

Salut! I am Victor and I help with Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. I hold a masters in AI from the University of Bucharest. I specialise in developing Google Ads scripts, which provide a way to programmatically control Google Ads data using simple JavaScript in a browser-based IDE. AI can often be a powerful way to supercharge a Google Ads account.

There are some significant AI developments provided by Google that can work towards reaching your goals effectively. Many accounts can benefit with some form of AI integration. Our belief is human input plus machine learning is a powerful combination.

EmBe - Youtube & Remarketing Display Designer

Hi. I am Embe and I work on creating artwork that stands out and succeeds on remarketing, GDN, and Youtube.

Utilise remarketing campaigns with clever thinking. It’s incredible the difference in performance when aligned with customer journey modelling.

Meet With Us In Person or Zoom – Cambridge, Birmingham, Worldwide

We will be happy to host you in either Cambridge, Birmingham, or we can meet you anywhere in the UK. We also travel worldwide to meet clients. If you are visiting Cambridge, our flexible office is 1 min walk from Cambridge train station at the CB1 business centre where. If visiting Birmingham, we are 20 mins from the city centre in Stourbridge’s Business Quarter.

Google Reviews

We love delivering for our partners and we love helping brands grow significantly. This is our simple, but sincere motivation and lifeblood of Cambridge Xyz.

See our Google reviews here 

Official Google Ads Community Badges

Proud to be a contributor and recognised problem solver in the official Google Advertiser community (2015-2019).

Challenge Xyz

We love challenges at Cambridge Xyz – we love excelling in our field and finding a way, no matter how impossible it may seem.

We have an outstanding record and industry reputation for delivering significantly improved results for businesses.

Speak to our team to discuss your challenges.